Mobile EweManage on IOS (Apple)


Using AndrOvin
Upgrading to a new release
Importing your GenOvis data into EweManage
Backing up EweManage
Processing traceability transactions with CCIA
Reconcile EweManage inventory with your CCIA records
Connecting an RFID reader to your IPhone / Ipad
Import EweManage data into your IPhone / IPad
Import your IPhone / IPad transactions into EweManage


Importing GenOvis breeding module into EweManage
Convert an output port of your electronic scale to bluetooth and connect it to your mobile
Transferring files between EweManage and AndrOvin
(The old way ! if you are not using OneDrive)
Synchronize files between EweManage and AndrOvin using One Drive
Register your animals with CLRC using EweManage
Basic easy navigation in EweManage