Mobile EweManage on IOS (Apple)

How to install Mobile EweManage on IPhone / IPad .
EweManage user manual
Mobile PC general user guide
Connecting an RFID reader to an IPhone / IPad
using SerialMagic Keys
Transferring files between the Apple mobile
and EweManage (both ways)
How to install Mobile EweManage on a Windows tablet

AndrOvin: mobile EweManage on Android

How to install Androvin on a mobile

Workabout (PSION)

PSION user manual
Transferring files between the Workabout
and EweManage (both ways)

Mobile EweManage on Windows

Connecting to EweManage

What can you connect to EweManage:
RFID readers, scales, drenchers

Bergere Connect Software

Connecting your scale head or RFID
reader to EweManage on Windows
Connect in bluetooth mode any electronic scale having a serial DB9 port


 Understanding "Management groups"
Quick start guide for the C-One2 Android mobile + RFID
Connecting as scale to a mobile running AndrOvin
Understanding groups / pens in EweManage