SynchroBergere release 2,2 to connect your Workabout to a PC
Windows mobile device driver for the Workabout
BerGère Connect release 81S
EweManage remote support software for Windows PC
(for mobiles, download AnyDesk from the compatible on line "Store")
Mobile EweManage for IPhone / IPad release 3,22 compatible with EweManage 3,28 and up
Mobile EweManage 3,22 for 64 bits Windows compatible with EweManage 3,28 and up
AndrOvin rel 3,28_a Mobile EweManage for Android compatible with EweManage 3,27 and up
Update to EweManage 64 bits rel 3,29 (July 2022)
ewemanage005003.jpg anydesk.jpg

EweManage for Windows PC

Mobile app. for Apple mobiles

Mobile app. for Windows tablet

Mobile app. for android mobiles

ewemanage005002.jpg ewemanage005001.jpg